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56cm Miyata 512 Single Speed

15 Dec

1989 Miyata 512 Single Speed, frame and fork is triple butted lugged steel that is Japanese built with a red and white late 80’s color scheme and is size 56cm. The bike was stripped down to the frame/fork and rebuilt using a mix of new and used parts and a generous amount of Phil Wood shop grease.
Weinmann wheelset set in white with 32 spokes laced to black Vuelta hubs, rear is flip flop with a new 16t fixed cog and new Shimano 16t freewheel, tires are 700×23 and pumped up to about 100psi for a real quick firm roll.
Drive train is a Shimano Exage crankset with new 46t chain ring and new SRAM PC-1 chain and nice MKS alum pedals and a new Shimano sealed bearing BB for a nice smooth chain line.
Brake set is the original Shimano Exage caliper brakes with fresh pads, new cables and housing, brake pulls are a new pair of Tektro top bar cross pulls.
Tange Levin headset has been cleaned and repacked, Sakae 80mm stem, Sakae drop bars that have been chopped and flopped, Sakae seat post with the original Vetta saddle in white and new white bar tape.


56cm Traitor Luggernaut Single Speed

14 Dec

56cm Luggernaut by Traitor Cycles, frame and fork are made with Columbus Thron tubing and sports beautiful lug work on both fork and frame, original powder coat for the 2010 model which is baby blue with black graphics. She has all of the routing braze ons to run a multi speed hub on the rear end, currently set up as a single speed/fixed. Components are as follows:

Wheelset is a pair of Velocity Aeroheads built by my buddy Robert Boss, they are anodized blue 32h laced with black DT spokes and red nipples to a pair Surly hubs in bronze, rear is flip/flop with an 18t fixed cog and 18t freewheel, Brand new pair of Bontrager Race Lite tires with triple flat protection (hardcase) 700×28 pumped up to about 115psi, new tubes and rim tape.

Brake set is a new pair of Tektro R538 brakes in black with Avid pulls and new cables and housing.

Drive train is a Sram P-100 with a 46t chain ring and matching sealed Truvativ Octalink BB and new Z chain.

Cock pit starts with a gold Chris King 1 1/8th NoThreadSet head set, Race Face Diabolous riser bars, black Oury grips, Traitor 90mm stem in bronze, Traitor seat post in bronze and a Selle Italia Trans AM saddle.

Super simple, very clean, awesome lugs and a blast to ride!!!!

Raleigh “GP” Single Speed

4 Dec

Vintage Raleigh Grand Prix from the early 80’s, this is a beautiful steel lugged frame with matching fork, frame set is made with Reynolds 531 tubing with nice lugs and pantographed fork crowns and seat tubes with the Raleigh logo, both rear drops are stamped Raleigh as are the fork tips and have braze ons for fenders and/or racks. Color is a light Teal with white graphics that are in great condition for its age, model is Grand Prix. Below is a list of new and lightly used components used to rebuild this hot rod.


Wheel set is a brand new pair of Weinmann DP18 Deep V’s Black with machined brake surface, laced to a pair of black, high flange Formula flip flop hubs with stainless spokes. Brand new velox rim tape, tubes and a pair of 700×25 Seca Serfas FPS pumped up to 120psi.


Drive train starts with new Shimano BB UN-54, 175 SR crank set pantographed Raleigh, with a Cannondale 46t chain ring, and 16t freewheel connected with a new KMC 3/32 chain.


Brake set consists of the original Diacompe “G” side pull brakes with NOS pads and wheel guides for that quick flip of the rear hub. New top bar inline brake pulls with new cables and housing.

Cockpit is a pair of SR road bars that have been flopped and chopped and wrapped with new gel tape, Technomic 60mm quill stem and a Laprade seat post and an older Specialized seat.


Great bike that has been carefully put together with very good quality new and used parts.




Bianchi “Campione” Single Speed

4 Dec



Here is a lovely late 80’s Bianchi “Campione de Italia” 55cm, this frame was made in Italy with Tre Tubi Columbus Formula Two Cro-Mo, frame set is black with the original silver graphics with beautiful lugs and Gippimme dropouts front and rear. Listed below are the parts used to rebuild this black beauty into a single speed urban assault machine. All of the parts are either brand new or lightly used and are listed below.

  • Wheelset is a pair of new Mach1 CFX 36h in black laced to a pair of black high flange Formula hubs with sealed cartridge bearings and laced with silver stainless spokes, rear hub is flip flop with new Shimano 16t freewheel. The rims are wrapped with new rim tape, tubes and brand new Hutchinson Equinox tires 700×23.
  • Drive train starts with new Shimano Ultegra BB (Italian Threaded), Bianchi branded cranks (campy strada style) with NOS Sugino Mighty chainring 46t, new wellgo track style pedals, new Z chain and new Shimano 16t freewheel.
  • Brake set is a pair of vintage Modolo “Start” caliper brakes in brushed silver/grey with new Kool Stop pads, new cables, housing and top bar in line brake pulls.
  • Cockpit features freshly packed Ofmega headset, ITM quill stem branded Bianchi, chopped and flopped bars with new wrap and in line pulls for a nice clean look. Seat is Bianchi lightly used with ITM seatpost.
WOW, is all I gotta say about this hot ride.

Fuji Palisade Single Speed

4 Dec

Here is a late 80’s steel Fuji Palisade 56cm converted into a Single Speed/Fixed urban assault bike. Suntour dropouts front and rear (horizontal) that are spaced standard, 100mm front and 126mm rear. Frame is made in Japan with Valite tubing with great lugs and the top of the fork is stamped fuji. Below is a list of components that make this baby GO! The paint is pearly white and nearly perfect, looks hardly ridden and perfectly maintained.

  • SR 1” quill stem with Japanese Sakae drop bars (that have been flopped and chopped, not in pic) and older Tange headset
  • SR Laprade seat post with Bontrager RL saddle and Sugino binder bolt
  • Suigino Crown crank set with a 46t Suigino “Mighty Competition” chainring and MKS peadals
  • New Shimano BB54 bottom bracket 68×115
  • Vintage Shimano brake set BR-Z57 with new cables and top bar in line brake pulls
  • Salsa Delgado rims 32h silver laced to a pair of silver Surly fixed/free hubs (bomb proof) and both are wrapped in new Michelin 700×23 Lithion rubber with a Shimano 17t freewheel, you supply the fixed cog and lock ring
Super sweet ride that is ultra stealthy!

Centurion Single Speed

4 Dec

80’s Centurion E Lite RS 58cm converted into a Single Speed. She is made in Japan with CR-MO Tange 2 steel, double butted and lugged with thicker Shimano dropouts front and rear (horizontal), with standard spacing, 126mm rear and 100mm front. Standard BB shell with Shimano BB 109mm spindle, standard 1” headset which is an older steel Japanese Tange Falcon headset freshly packed and mounted with a Modolo 1” quill stem with 100mm reach, the drop bars are also Modolo with interal cable routing, wrapped in new Cinelli black bar tape. SR Laprade seat with a new Forte Pro RS1 seat, o so nice and comfy! Has the usual scratches that one would expect from a 20+ year old frame set. Both front and rear brakes are new Tektro recessed brakes with Leechi brake levers. All new cables and housing allowing for a very soft touch to come to a screeching halt! The drive train is a pair Sugino cranks with a Sugino 48t chain ring and a new 18t Shimano freewheel and a new Z chain, with new pair of Wellgo ultra light track pedals. The wheel set is brand new and just came out of a box, SWEET! They are 32 hole Mavic CPX22 medium V laced to a pair of Fomula hubs etched Origin8 with stainless spokes and nipples, the rear is flip flop with threads for cog and lock ring but is not included. Just laid down some Velox rim tape, new tubes and a brand new pair of Vittoria Rubino tires 700×25.


Sekine “CS Medialle” Single Speed

4 Dec

This is an 80’s Sekine “CS Medialle” 56cm. Shimano SF dropouts front and rear (horizontal) that are spaced standard, 100mm front and 126mm rear. Frame is made in Japan and assembled and sold in Canada by Sekine. Champion doubled butted steel tubes with great lug work and a sweet head badge. This build is fresh off of the bike stand only been ridden a few miles, includes a smooth no name headset, 1” stem adapter and bolt on stem at about 100mm reach with a pair of riser bars all black with new blue Oury grips, new Origin 8 Velo seat with Kallin seat post and Suigino binder bolt. The drive train is a brand new Sram Track crank 48t and new Truvativ splined BB, O’ so smooth and perfect. Brand new Z chain hooked up to your choice of a 16t freewheel or 14t fixed cog, currently fixed but we can always give the wheel a flip. Just added the brakes for safety, Tektro long reach with Radius 3 finger pulls, cool. Wheelset is a used set (front and rear, matching set) of Alex R450 32h rims laced to a pair of high flange Formula hubs with bearings packed and spinning smooth, tires are brand new of Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick pumped up to about 120psi, nice light, durable ride that totally rips!!!!!!


Puch Mistral Single Speed

4 Dec

Here is a rare 80’s Puch Mistral 53cm all Cr-Mo frame and fork that is glossy black with white and grey decals, nice lugs and an all steel machine for that super supple ride. Parts consist of a lightly used 700c wheelset with black Surly hubs the rear is flip/flop laced to a pair of black 32h Mavic Open Pro rims with black spokes, both wheels have new velox rim tape, tubes and 700×25 Soma Everwears. Drive train consists of a pair of cold forged Sugino RD2 cranks with 42t chain ring, new Z chain and an 18t Shimano freewheel, no pedals. New Shimano BB, New C-Star caliper brakes with new top bar brake pulls, cables and housing. Tange Levin headset that has been freshly packed with a liberal amount of Phil Wood Bearing grease. The cockpit has been rounded out with a Sakae SR Custom stem, chopped and flopped Sakae SR bars and new black bar tape. Kalin seatpost 26.4 and the Saddle is a new black Velo.  Talk about a fun ride and a super looker!

Kuwahara Carrera UL Single Speed

4 Dec

57cm Kuwahara Carrera UL Single Speed/Fixed road bike. Swweet 80’s Japanese lugged frame set that has the original pearl white paint with perfect decals, Dropouts and fork tips are Suntour GS and frame and fork has eyelets for fenders and/or rack. Below is a list of parts that were used to give this gem a second life. All parts are brand new out of the box or lightly used and are in perfect condition.

  • Wheel Set: Brand new Fuji deep V 43 mm blue anodized rims 32h wrapped to high flange silver Formula hubs, rear is a flip flop. Both have new 700c X 23 CST tires, tubes and rim tape—pretty much nuke proof.
  • Drive Train: Lightly used 170mm Sakae cranks with 48t chain ring up front and new shimano 16t freewheel and new 16t cog and lock ring, new KMC Z chain and KKT pedals. New Shimano BB 116mm spindle length for the perfect chainline.
  • Brake Set: New Tektro medium reach

    brakes with new thin line pads, new cables and housing and the pulls are top bar cross tops by Cane Creek.

  • Freshly packed Kuwahara headset with stem adapter, fuji pro 4 bolt stem and a pair of Sakae bars that have been chopped, flopped and wrapped with new bar tape, new Sakae seat post and new Velo seat.

Just took her off the stand and gave her a test spin and she is finely tuned and ready to roll.



Univega Specialissimo Single Speed

4 Dec

Impeccable 57cm Univega Specialissimo (made by Miyata) from the mid-eighties, a classic representation of a nicely crafted Japanese lugged steel frame and fork. Color is shiny grey, frame was waxed and buffed before the rebuild, the diamonds and circles in the lugs have been highlighted in gold. Dropouts and fork tips are Suntour GS and frame and fork has eyelets for fenders and/or rack. Below is a list of parts that were used to give this gem a second life. All parts are brand new out of the box and are in perfect condition, except for the seat post, binder bolt and saddle.

  • Wheel set: 32h Alex rims, 32mm medium V with stainless spokes and high flange formula hubs branded GT, rear is flip/flop, 700 x 25 Kenda Kwest urban tires pumped to 110psi.
  • Brake set: Tektro R556 long reach brakes, plenty of room for bigger tires and/or fenders, Tektro 2-finger brake pulls with Odyssey Slic Kable and housing.
  • Drive train: Truvativ BB 68X109 splined, Sram Power Spline track crank, 170mm length with 48t, KMC Z chain 1/8”, Shimano 16t freewheel and a Dura-ace 15t NJS cog and lock ring, very fast!
  • Front end: 1” Tange Levin sealed headset (just installed brand new), Origin 8 stem converter 1” to 1 1/8”, Ritchey Pro 4 bolt stem 100mm in length and a pair of Synchros riser bars and GT grips.

This urban assault machine is finished with a lightly used SR Lapade seat post, Selle Italia saddle and a new pair of VP ultralight track pedals.